rm e295

Top responsesI'm liking the new format. I hope they stick with it as I think it's appealing and new to the show. It amuses me that some want the minigames, the hidden …read more38 votesNot to knock Jihyo's acting, but her ending was more emotional than anything I've watched her in. That's why I think it's real. LOL. This episode really …read more18 votesSubs synced for 720p WITH8 votesI think YJS said it best during his time with Gary Spoiler in case you haven't watched yet. This perfectly describes Running Man as a matured show and why …read more15 votesThis is a best episode of running man in two years, fantastic episode, although at some point it just like IC, TOTALLY WORTH YOUR TIME7 votesThis is probably random in the midst of analysis lol but I really love how jae suk and ji hyo take care of each other. Like they caught each other during the …read more8 votesSee all