flame harden high carbon plate ca

Contact · Added Manufacturing · Employment · Robotic Hardening · Quote Page · VideosTop responsesHmm. You can't forge weld cast to steel. The cast iron will melt at welding temperatures. You might arc weld around the edge, but that would …read more2 votesEven if you could get a solid weld around the perimeter, it wouldn't be welded anywhere in the middle. Any gap between the hard steel top and the cast iron, no …read more2 votesYou'll probably ruin the temper on the hardened steel when you weld it. I build targets out of AR500 steel, and we try to avoid welding anywhere that is …read more2 votesIf you have access to a hard plate and a welder, why not just weld a piece of round stock and square stock onto the plate and use the hardie holes? …read more2 votesI'm in school for welding, and from what I learned, that cast iron has really high carbon content, and generally you don't want to weld two different types of …read more2 votesI've never seen cast iron welded successfully. It may be possible. I just haven't seen it.1 voteSee all