api 5l x52 equivalent astm

Johawn; You are not correct. ASME Section IX recognizes that S-No base material can only be used for qualification with other S-No base materials for a WPS. For example ASTM A 106 is assigned as an S-No 1, while SA 106 would be assigned a P-No 1. If your project had SA 106 material or this material was dual certified as A/SA 106, your position would be correct. The provisions of QW-402.3 are very clear that material with SA designation are assigned P-No's and those that are A or under a UNS designation are assigned S-No.Quote: The provisions of QW-402.3 This is a typo, it should stated QW-420.2Hi metengr, Thank you for your prompt reply ! Please let me clarify what am I understanding as per your explanation: - As per ASME IX edition 2007, QW-420.2, para. 2: ASME SA-106 Gr.B have P No.1 and P Group No.1 so ASTM A-106 Gr.B would have P No.1 and P Group No.1 & S No.1 and S Group No.1 - Welding procedure using using API 5L Gr.B as Base Metal have S No.1 and S Group No.1 can apply for material ASTM A-106 Gr.B. (please note that our material only ASTM A-106 Gr.B) Rgds. JohawnJohawn; Quote: so ASTM A-106 Gr.B would have P No.1 and P Group No.1 & S No.1 and S Group No.1 No, ASTM A 106 has only an S-No 1 Group 1 assignment, and does not have a P-No assignment per paragraph 2 in QW-420.2. Look in Table QW-422, for ASME SA 106 this material is assigned a P-No 1. ASTM A 106 is not listed in QW-422, therefore this is assigned an S-No 1 Group No 1. If the PQR would have been qualified using SA 106 Grade B this would allow for P-No and S-No interchangeability in a WPS. Your vendor is absolutely correct for being able to use this WPS for welding ASTM A 106 material.Hi metengr, Noted with many thanks. I inform to our client that their WPS can apply to our project. Best Regards. Johawn.API 5L GR B Specifications or equivalentMar 04, 2004I want to use API 5L Gr.B Seamless in place of ASTM A106 Oct 19, 2003See more results