Based out of San Francisco, Find Cheap Airfares is a site blog containing information, stories, articles, and comments on how to find the best deals for air travel.  The reason is simple: to promote the exploration and appreciation of other cultures.  We believe that it’s important to learn about the world we live in and explore how unique, similar, and different other cultures can be.  It is our strong opinion that you can only know who you are and where you come from once you’ve stepped outside of your “aquarium” and step a little outside your comfort level –for this is the place where we are forced to evolve and grow.  The objective is to inspire people to explore the world while NOT making money the deciding factor.

For many, the idea of international travel seems daunting due to high costs for airfares.  We aim to educate and provide an alternative to paying top dollar for air travel.  There are many ways to find discounts and with a little knowledge, you can travel the world and not break the bank.

We invite you to comment on any page and share your opinions and experiences.  This website is a labor of love and serves only to educate and provide a vehicle to share ideas.

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